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La DD Impianti srls societá di comprovata esperienza in ambito di installazione e manutenzione di segnaletica ferroviaria , di impianti elettrici industriali e civili , si arricchisce di un’ulteriore ramo aziendale dedicato ai servizi di sicurezza , intesi questi ultimi come protezione , prevenzione e salvaguardia di beni e persone ..

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Mauro "Hammer" Rossi

Security Manager

Since 1991, proven experience in the care and management of security activities such as executive protection, investigations and industrial counter-espionage. He has also worked closely with prominent personalities from the political, business, financial and entertainment worlds. Expert in emergency management of anti-terrorism in hostile territories .


Dario Ridolfi


Security driver expert. Leader in staff training and motivation on combat techniques, use of weapons and shooting, operational tactics, adaptation in situations of high psycho-physical stress, as well as safe and sporting driving techniques.


Dennys Neviti


Expert in logistics, communications, development of satellite research equipment. He is also an expert in cyber security and counter cyber intelligence, employees background check and reliability, investigations in both private and corporate contexts. .

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